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Can felons get US Passports? Passport legal issues | US Passports Online

Can a felons get a Passports?

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Here are a few comments and links to articles found on Google to entertain the question, Can a felon receive a US Passport”? It is recommended that you seek legal counsel concerning your specific problem and the answers seem to vary.

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Yes they can get US Passports, but that does not mean the nation he wants to travel to will let him in.  Go to www.travel.state.gov and find the nation he wants to go to. Most do not allow convicted felons in without a lot paperwork or if it all. Martha Stewart a rich powerful women cannot travel to many nations anymore because it neither can say people like Snoop Dogg for past criminal convictions. Even a simple DUI will ban you from Canada. Their rules, not ours.
I should mention I have lived abroad and travel a lot so you get to know the rules before you go.


Yeah they can get US Passports. But he may not be able to get a visa to enter a foreign country (like Canada). I would call ahead to the Department of State or foreign country’s consulate to make sure. Sometimes if you just “call ahead” to a consulate and explain they will give extra consideration. Since it’s been so long you might even just get in without hassle, but I would call first and check further first.


Local news paper just ran an article on DWI (felony in NYS and Canada) and travel to Canada.


Felons can get passports!

Felons can get passports!


Yes they can but it’s up to the government to decide. Go to http://www.travel.state.gov/. Also just because they have US Passports does not mean the country he is going to will let him in

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I’ve scoured the internet searching for an answer to this exact question. I’m not an expert, but it seems that a convicted felon CAN get US Passports. Case in point, I know of a guy who after about a year after his release from prison traveled to Sierra Leone to visit his fiancé. He was still under probation during this time.

It seems that US Passports are merely an international identification document much like a driver’s license. I’ve witnessed another gentleman who was denied a US Passport for child support-related issues. Apparently, the only thing that will get a person from getting US Passports is child support and/or tax-related issues.

It used to be that US Passports weren’t required for US citizens traveling to the Caribbean’s (just a birth certificate and other identifying information), but that is changing with the issuance of US Passport cards.


You can BEGIN  HERE: http://www.travel.state.gov/passport/ppt_card/ppt_card_3926.html

It should be noted that your parole officer or other law enforcement agency may put a restriction on an individual if they are on parole/probation, or for child support, et al.

From http://www.travel.state.gov/passport/ppi/info/info_870.html

The Government's Real ID Act of 2005

Can felons get US Passports?

A federal or state law enforcement agency may request the denial of a US Passport on several regulatory grounds under 22 CFR 51.70 and 51.72. The principal law enforcement reasons for US Passports denial are a federal warrant of arrest, a federal or state criminal court order, a condition of parole or probation forbidding departure from the United States (or the jurisdiction of the court), or a request for extradition. The HHS child support database and the Marshals Service WIN database are checked automatically for entitlement to US Passports. Denial or revocation of a US Passport does not prevent the use of outstanding valid passports.

A felon in general is able to obtain a US Passports but the final authority is the US Government. Even after you obtain a passport or pass card you still have the problem of being allowed to enter other countries. Many will restrict felons from entering (Australia) and some restrict based on the crime(s) involved (Canada, Brittan/UK). Some require that you only stay for a certain length of time and/or register upon arrival.

For more information read:

Keep in mind, we are discussing US Passports as I’m sure other countries have their own methods. One thing I do know is that it is difficult for felons to permanently re-locate to another country because nearly all countries require a background check of some sort. The nature of the crime, I’m sure, makes a HUGE difference is who gets accepted or not. I used to know a website that could explain all the relocation requirements for many countries, but I’ve since lost it. However, you can Google up some answers for that subject with something like (your country) permanent residency.

Again, I’m not an expert. I’ve done work with prisoners in the past and this is a question that keeps re-occurring.




Can felons get US Passports

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